CBSE News > Students panic over unavailability of NCERT Books in market

Students panic over unavailability of NCERT Books in market


Though punishment in any form to school students has been banned by the Union Ministry of HRD and the Central Government under its new initiatives, students at few of the city-based schools of the State capital are being punished. Reason unavailability of NCERT books in the market, which finds a special mention in their curriculum.

Like every other year, schools propose their norms for students, mentioning NCERT books and their special reference or guide books for conducting classes in the academic session beginning in April.

NCERT books which are utilised by students of CBSE and State Government board schools fall short to comply with the requirements of the students. With the beginning of the new academic session this year, students can be seen visiting every bookshop in the town searching their course books.

Meanwhile, the readymade reason of insufficient number NCERT books due to lesser books being printed is a common excuse for book-dealers of Ranchi.

A renowned book shop-owner at Upper Bazaar told: “Schools promote private publishers and hence, the NCERT books are not brought to market. Two to three months later to beginning of the session, the NCERT books are released in the market.”

Shanu Sharad, a Class IX student of DAV Hehal relating his experience about the punishment given to him said: “There are no NCERT books of Sanskrit, Science, Mathematics and English in the market. We are being punished or made to stand for the whole period by the subject-teachers, if we don’t have a book. Hence, we are forced to buy a Xeroxed copy of the original book, to keep up with the class studies.”

This year, the recently introduced CCE pattern in the CBSE curriculum has been cited as a reason for unavailability of NCERT books, despite the NCERT books are not concerned with any such change in the pattern. There has been no change in the content-matter of the subjects.