CBSE News > No Unit Tests up to Std VIII for SSC Students

No Unit Tests up to Std VIII for SSC Students

Formative Assessment will replace Unit Test

TOI A new government resolution (GR) for SSC schools is awaiting Mantralaya clearance. Once passed, it plans to do away with unit tests up to Class VIII, replacing them with formative assessment.

This involves developing a child’s complete personality—communication skills, dialogue, reading and acting out passages.

Teachers will have to carry out formative evaluation on a regular basis via oral exams, interviews, group discussions and practicals, and project work, both individual and in a group.

The new system will involve a great deal of self-study and will include open-book exams as well as mentoring, where children will learn as well as help each other. As for the two semester exams in school, 50% of the examination will be in the form of a written test and the remaining will be formative assessment.

“This sort of evaluation aims not at testing children on what they do not know, but helping children learn. They will be asked a lot of open-ended questions. Teachers must now prepare question banks of every lesson and ensure that even written examination is a joyful process—and not drudgery. Teachers will have to evaluate students based on the objective of the lesson. While schools often give weak students ‘remedial teaching’, the process will now be known as complimentary guidance,” an official said.

As per the new system, schools kids won’t know whether they’re first-rankers, or at the bottom of the heap. Instead, their marks will be converted into grades such as A+, B, etc.

  • Please abolish marks for DRAWING , COMPUTER and P.T.

  • Sandhya Dhole

    No Unit Tests up to Std VIII for SSC Students,
    As Im working as a Principal for a school, Im very happy to acknowledge that no test method has started for students. Earlier the students had to show their performance in particular time slot ie. during exam which has its own limitations… now it will be fun that students will read the textbook, perform the classtest/surprise test/ projects/disscusscion / see and write ..all these methods are going to help our students to take interest in learning. I know it will take time but will work in a positive way.
    Ms. Sandhya Dhole
    Principal, Pune.

  • Arnold75

    This involves developing a child