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University for Innovation in Liberal Arts Planned for India

University for Innovation

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has constituted a Committee to prepare a concept to establish a University for Innovation in Liberal Arts, to promote education of highest standards in the liberal arts disciplines and to conduct cutting-edge research by attracting quality talent.

The Central Government proposes to establish 14 Universities of Innovation, across the periods of XIth and XIIth Five Year Plans, making India the global knowledge hub and set benchmarks for excellence for other Central and State Universities being established. According to MHRD, each such university would focus on an area or problem of significance to India, and build an ecosystem of research and teaching around different related disciplines and relevant fields of study, and search for solutions that are valid globally and in the process, develop education at the under-graduate and higher levels.

The University for Innovation in Liberal Arts has been conceived on the premise that culture, literature and arts being the vehicles of creative expression, the promotion of studies in the liberal arts is essential to human resource development and capacity building in higher forms of expression and creative thought. Moreover innovative institutional solutions need to be found if there are any limitations in the present approach to higher studies in the liberal arts.

The Committee would lay down its own procedure and submit its report regarding the concept by June 18.